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‘BEYOND RISK’  – In Financial Planning

‘Beyond Risk’ is about people and their views on money….borne of over 30 years of front line experience and engagement in the arena of exponential corporate growth through financial practice building under ‘fire’ in a lifetime passion……the assuring of the financial value of our time… allow for the completion of our personal and business financial objectives. It is about character, integrity, people and their often complex and conflicting attitudes towards money…..its accumulation…..its preservation and its utility.

It is about the leadership of high performance professionals who are committed to managing the capital risk and the lifetime financial well being of their families, business associates and clients.

It is about coaching ‘Olympian’ class high performance empowerment. Above all it is about ethical choice in every facet of decision making and execution.

It is remarkable that of all the basic life skill related subjects that we include in our children’s early curriculum financial literacy is not one of them…….given that we live in a money economy.

It is said that we each have a “Money Personality”. Nothing could be more accurate and more life defining.

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  1. Next to our health our financial well being is a lifetime necessity.

    Professional Financial Practitioners have a duty of care to their clients which is fiduciary in nature.

    The Financial Planners Standards Council’s (FPSC) move to explicitly clarify this responsibility in its Code of Ethics is a clearly defined principle of Professional Practice – in line with the other classical Professions.

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