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    A Report from my 9 year old Grandson Pearson

05 25 2013


Dad Pearson presented a book report/project to his class yesterday.

Have a look at the attached.   Marsh : )


The 3 character traits that I talked about Geronimo were…….

– responsible

– respectful and funny

These character traits remind me of my zaidy.


Geronimo Stilton reminds me of my zaidy. He reminds me of him because my zaidy loves the news and reading the newspaper. My zaidy also talks a lot and I mean a lot about the newspaper and the news. My zaidy is also really respectful because he cares about his family,  friends and also public people.

When he talks to us he always uses nice words and his manners and he also buys his family things like technology and things we want and cannot afford to get.

My zaidy is also really responsible because he does all the shopping and gets healthy foods for him to be healthy. He also is responsible for my grandmother because when she gets sick he is responsible to get the medicine that she needs.

My zaidy is also really funny because every time he talks on the  phone he makes funny jokes or he just talks funny and he makes the other person on the line laugh so hard.  He is also funny in person.

Sometimes when I am having supper with  him we make each other laugh when we are eating.


Pearson Zwicker

05 24 2013



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  1. Humour (Canadian style) is a survival tool. : > ))

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