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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Advocis® isThe Institute for Advanced Financial Education™ (The Institute™), CLU®, CHS™, and APA® are trademarks of The Financial Advisors Association of Canada (TFAAC).

Millions of Canadians rely on financial advisors to provide them with sound advice and access to suitable financial products and services. Canadians should be able to count on the professionalism and accountability of their advisors. Unfortunately, they can’t.

Advocis’s solution to this problem is for the title “financial advisor” to be regulated, and for all titleholders to be required to belong to a recognized professional association.

Advocis president & CEO Greg Pollock to host  a live webcast, “Raising the Professional Bar,” on February 8 from 1 to 1:30 p.m. E.S.T., Find out how Advocis will enhance consumer protection by raising the professional bar for all advisors, and how you will benefit from increased public trust and confidence in advisors as professionals.


By George Zornick

The Nation

January 7/14, 2013

by George Zornick

The Nation

The identification, development,  encouragement  and empowerment of young minds to grow exponentially and to apply their resourcefulness throughout a productive lifetime is our most priceless natural resource.

Our second most priceless natural resource are the families who are unconditionally committed to making it happen.

It takes ‘Olympic’ Caliber coaching skill – a rare gift.

The primary outcome of Olympic Caliber high performance coaching is exponential self-confidence.

Every Olympic medallist possesses it.

Our culture thrives on it.

Dan Zwicker


*****The 2008 – 2009 near meltdown of the global financial system arising out of the Wall street packaging and redistribution of financially worthless residential mortgages was a dysfunctional by product of the removal of the legislative safeguards that protected against such wonton financial disregard of the public’s financial interest

*****The 2012  primary nomination of a GOP candidate for the Presidency of The United States was a mind numbing dysfunctional political process.

*****The brutal assault rifle murder of 27 innocent individuals including 20 young children due to the NRA’s legislative influence in electing members of Congress which were unwilling to ban assault weapons for sale to the public led to the deranged act in Newtown Connecticut  – a direct reflection of the political tolerance of the anachronistic misuse by congress of the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

How can such dysfunctional outcomes enable the US to take its respectful place among the Best and The Brightest nations globally?

How can such dysfunctional outcomes enable the US to take its respectful place among its own citizens?

It can’t.

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