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‘Highjacking’ of Agendas



Those of us who plan in detail work our plan.

It begins early in the AM (5 – 6 AM – as early as 4 AM)

The day is scheduled with the commitments of the day – hourly – in blocks of time.

It reflects our ‘Agenda’.

It reflects our priorities.

Unexpected requests for our time arise throughout the day.

They may or may not be significant priorities from our point of view

But –

They sometimes come with a plea for help ‘Please – – – – – – – -!’

If the plea is significant we adjust our agenda to fit it in.

If the plea is not significant (to us) we say ‘no’ (politely, of course).

If the ‘no’ is ignored and the plea moves to the next level we are faced with an unconscious attempt to ‘hijack’ our agenda.

If we are highly protective  about our time and its use our behavior will reflect our attitude toward ‘hijacking’.

It may reflect poorly on those who need our time.

So – what to do?

It is simple.

Be open and direct about how you plan and execute your daily plan.

Ask for the space (time) you need to accommodate the request for help.

Those who are highly focused on time will understand and those who are not will have an opportunity to ‘Raise The Bar’ in how they manage time.

75% of all people in our society are stimulated externally by social contact – no matter where it arises – friends- neighbours – strangers – family – entertainment (sports – TV – movies, Seinfeld).

25% of all people in our society are stimulated internally by thought – with little need for external stimulation through social contact.

These 2 very different attitudes toward social contact have an extraordinary impact on our perceived behavior. (President Obama and Mitt Romney are said to be aloof – but not so with their families).

To maintain an acceptable level of civility just let people know who you are.

P.S. There is an exception to the above.

When a plea arises from our CEO (spouse). All bets are off.

Just do it!

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